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Division O2 - Offshore Site Investigations

Legal Disclaimer

Provided on this website are the results and related documents (both together in short: "data") of the preliminary investigation of sites which are up for tender by the Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) according to Sec. 16 of the Offshore Wind Energy Act (WindSeeG). The data is being provided as part of the tender announcement by BNetzA, see Sec. 19 Sentence 2 no. 7 WindSeeG, and will hence be available at least during the tender period. The data provision can be continued even after the end of the tender period, by decision of BSH.

A general overview on the preliminary investigation of sites, the scope of the investigation measures as well as the structure of the data resulting from these investigation measures can be found in the Information on data provision. The following paragraphs stipulate the legal terms of the data provision.

Rights of Use

The data provided on this website may be used for the purposes explicitly stated in Sec. 9 para. 1 WindSeeG, meaning a competition-based determination of the market-premium and the site-related planning approval procedure. Usage outside of these purposes ("third purpose use") is permitted at the data user’s own risk (see below terms of liability) and with regard to usual citation rules. If the data are published or in any other way distributed by a third purpose user, any changes made to the data by the user have to be made explicit. Usage of the data for the site-related planning approval procedure for a windfarm on the tendered site is limited to the bidder who has been awarded funding, Sec. 24 WindSeeG.

The texts, complete or part thereof, graphics and maps ("hub interface content") used on this website are subject to copyright and may not be used or published elsewhere without prior agreement.

BSH does generally not allow links below the website-level. External links to this website therefore have to refer to the main page, as in External links to any single element of the website ("deep links") are disallowed if not approved by BSH beforehand.

Investigation Measures for Multiple Sites

Data is being provided as one data package per tendered site. This data package is generally site-specific, with one exception: If multiple sites have been investigated in a joint campaign, all of the campaign results will be included in each of the data packages. This means that some data can be identical throughout different data packages, both for sites which are tendered in the same year and for sites which are tendered in different years.

Terms of Liability

BSH accepts no liability for any use of the data outside the uses explicitly stipulated in Sec. 9 para. 1 WindSeeG, meaning a competition-based determination of the market-premium and the site-related planning approval procedure.

If and to which extent data has been verified, in regards to its accuracy, completeness and plausibility, is documented in the reports and other evaluation documents provided in the data packages. Additionally, some data sets include specific disclaimers in the form of txt-files as well as in their description on this website.

Offline data provision

Any user can request to be provided with data to one or multiple sites through the exchange of portable storage devices. This alternative method of data provision can be made mandatory by BSH in case of malfunctions of the data hub. Any switch between methods will be announced by BSH according to Sec. 73 WindSeeG as well as on this website.

A request for offline data provision can be made as follows:

Please send your request from a viable return address by postal mail to

Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie
Referat O2 - Voruntersuchung
Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 78
20359 Hamburg

The request has to contain the subject reference "Data Provision Preliminary Investigation of Sites" and specify for which site or sites the data is requested.

The request also has to include one or more portable storage devices with enough total storage capacity (at least 4 Terabytes per site) for the data to be transmitted.

Please note that the offline data provision procedure can take up to several weeks due to the necessary technical steps, i.e. scanning and possibly formatting the data storage devices submitted. Data which already was on the storage device when submitted will possibly be deleted.